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B3 Supports VALERI-R System: Saving Veteran Home Ownership During COVID-19 Crisis

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During the recent pandemic, more than 50,000 Veterans were at risk of losing their homes; the VA’s current tools made it difficult to track these cases and intervene. The VALERI-R (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface) Salesforce application (PaaS) allowed Loan Guaranty (LGY) technicians to track Veteran loans and intervene, as necessary. As a result, 75% of veterans at risk of foreclosure due to the COVID-19 crisis retained their homes.

This module’s updated loan governance workflows affected up to 50,000 Veterans who were impacted by decreasing need for manual intervention for technicians and servicer users, enhancing ability for servicers to assist veterans in retaining their homes if they were impacted, and creating a new mechanism for VBA LGY to make partial claim payments to servicers.

The Digital Transformation Center (DTC) platform facilitated these successes by using a dedicated architectural/technical lead guidance and support including working with the developer team and participating in planning sessions to refine backlog items and address technical debt created by the initial May 2019 release. They also provided VALERI-R end user support (Tiers 1 and 2) and project management support along with its partners: Accenture Federal Services (AFS) and VBA Loan Guaranty (LGY).