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B3 Group Supports Caregiver Record Management Application (CARMA) Program

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Mandated by Congress through the Mission Act in 2018, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) set out to modernize its caregiver IT system by adopting a three-phased approach and deploying a new system based on a commercial off the shelf product.

The CARMA Salesforce application (PaaS) has allowed the VA to meet legislative deadlines and support family caregivers of eligible veterans. This module expedites the application process by allowing users to readily identify important application information. Through this implementation, this expansion has affected approximately 34,000 caregivers.

The Digital Transformation Center (DTC) improves VA provider capabilities and patient outcomes for preventative and routine health care. This project team addressed critical data integrity challenges created by the original CARMA data set remediating data issues on a case-by-case bases to mitigate risk to end users. Technical leadership was provided in collaboration with its partners: Acumen and the VA Caregiver Support System.