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Organizational Spotlight: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)


While Agile is a framework built on a team doing small types of work, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) builds on the Agile approach and takes it to a larger scale. As a framework, SAFe provides specific guidance at the team, program, and portfolio level. Scalable and configurable, it synchronizes alignment, collaboration, and delivery for multiple teams, allowing B3 Group to develop and deliver software systems to its customers in the shortest lead time.

As a B3 Group Program Manager, Brent Swartz is the company’s resident trainer on SAFe. Recognized as an expert in Agile since 2005, B3 Group Project Manager Brent Swartz is a certified 4.0., SAFe practitioner and trainer. Trained to SAFe version 4.5., Brent uses Agile business processes to scale project success.

By aligning its teams and programs, B3 Group can bridge resources and maximize the professional skill sets of its staff to gain organizational efficiencies.  It also enables B3 Group Program Managers, like Brent, to motivate their teams to perform beyond customer expectations. Using the business and technical principles of SAFe, B3 Group not only achieves transparency at all levels of a customer project, it optimizes the quality of its customers’ solutions.

The SAFe Big Picture



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