B3 Group


COVID-19 Message from the CEO, Dwight Hunt


April 6, 2020 (Herndon, VA) – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, B3 remains focused on three priorities:  the safety of our employees and their families, the success of our customers, and continuing our mission to serve during these unprecedented times.

We have recently supported the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) during the coronavirus outbreak by developing the COVID-19 contingency plan for the VAAA facility closure in Frederick, MD, deploying a Salesforce application for the National 3D Printing Program for COVID-19, and supporting the Salesforce-enabled White House Hotline for veterans, their families, dependents, and caregivers. Each of these efforts were rapid response increasing the time to value delivery.

It is our goal to continue to provide services despite these challenging times and we are striking a balancing between the safety of our employees along with our commitment to serving the needs of our Nation’s veterans.  Without question, this is stressful, but rest assured that we will be there to help and serve, one caring interaction at a time.

Founded in the principles of servant leadership, we are also focused on giving back during this time of great need. We are supporting our employees and their organizations of their choice through our Charitable Matching Program, matching up to $500 towards each cause.

For more information about our rapid digital transformation services and contract capabilities, please contact [email protected]