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B3 Wins $13M Department of VA Informatics and Computing Contract


June 17, 2021 (Herndon, VA) – B3 Group, Inc. today announced a $13M task order award to support the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI). VINCI is an enterprise clinical analytics platform designed to enhance health services research, epidemiology, decision support, and business intelligence.  It utilizes data from a wide array of federal health IT sources, including the National Institute of Health (NIH), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Department of Defense (DoD). It is also integrated with some of VA’s largest and most essential data warehouses, including VA’s Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW), which serves as the Source of Truth (SOT) for VA’s Business Intelligence Services Line (BISL).

“Since 2017, we have had great success on the CDW contract and VINCI represents another opportunity for us to expand our support of VA’s BISL,” said Brent Stockman, VP, Professional Services. “Through VINCI, we will improve VA’s ability to analyze and share enterprise data, which is even more critical during COVID-19. VINCI is used by VA researchers use to analyze and monitor SARS-COV-2 data, including vaccinations and side effects. We are proud to help the VA rapidly scale Point-of-Care services for Veterans during this trying time.”

B3 Group will provide the full scope of VINCI sustainment, data management, and system administration services. We will create and maintain VINCI research datasets, implement and maintain operational environments, and provide advanced analytics in support of the ingestion, curation, and enrichment of clinical data. Our support will include the planning, scheduling, and coordination of approximately six VINCI projects per year, including high-priority projects in response to the COVID-19 effort.

For over a decade, B3 Group has supported the VA’s mission of providing transformative, leading-edge heath IT products, services, and solutions. Our support continues to equip the VA enterprise with the capabilities to implement and sustain health IT at pace with the evolving needs of Caregivers, Veterans Service Representatives (VSRs), and Veterans and their families.