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B3 Honors Women Veterans on Independence Day

IMG 5814 Murray County Memorial 1

July 4, 2020 (Herndon, VA) – B3 Group, Inc. recently donated $6,000 to the Murray County Georgia Women’s War Memorial at Murray County Veterans Memorial Park in Chatsworth, GA. On Independence Day, the park committee and local leadership placed monuments for each war and an additional monument to acknowledge women in the Armed Forces. A bench and flag at each monument provides a reminder of the service and sacrifice that was made.

“I had the opportunity to spend some time giving back to something directly related to my hometown and women veterans,” said Dwight Hunt, CEO/President. “This was a unique opportunity for B3 to donate to a monument created specifically for women veterans, something that had been missing in the park. Although women at that time may not have been directly involved in combat operations, they served important roles and deserve to be recognized for their contributions and service.”

Dwight Hunt, an Army Veteran, is pictured here with other members of the local B3 team. ABC Channel 9 News coverage of the event can be viewed through this link.