B3 Group


B3 Group Teams on eCMS Support T4 Task Order

Leesburg, VA – September 20, 2015 –  The CACI led team, consisting of CACI, B3 Group, and Centeva, have been awarded the Electronic Contract Management System (eCMS) Operational Support Task Order off of the DVA T4 IDIQ. The VA is one of the largest consumers of commercially acquired goods and services in the Federal Government. As the largest civilian agency in the Federal Government, VA operates from many locations throughout the United States. To create an efficient acquisition process throughout the Department, the VA developed eCMS, which was designed to house all VA procurement and contracting data and provide lifecycle contract management capabilities and processes. It also provides VA with enterprise-level Business Intelligence (BI) reporting on procurement and contracting activities. eCMS is an integration of proprietary Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, existing Government off-the-Shelf (GOTS) software, and custom integration and software to meet VA specific needs.

As a member of the CACI led team, B3 Group will be supporting the overarching requirements of this 5 year contract, which include project management, change and configuration management support, release management, business analysis, business process engineering support, documentation support, training, testing, and business requirements management support.  We will also support the development, configuration, operation and maintenance, and deployment within the eCMS portfolio.