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B3 Group Featured in Washington Technology


Leesburg, VA, August 28, 2018 – B3 Group, Inc. was the subject of an article in Washington Technology, a publication that covers topics related to government contractors and partners. The outlet interviewed CEO Dwight Hunt for the article, “Fast 50: B3 Bets on Big IDIQ and Wins.” The article features Hunt’s insight on how B3 Group has built its identity, solidified its strategic approach and broadened its portfolio.

The article notes that B3 leaders attribute overall success to the company’s tenacity.  “We never saw a task order we didn’t want to do a little bit of work on,” said Hunt. “We’ve always taken the approach that no task order is too small. Priming is great, but if someone calls us to sub, being a subcontractor to someone else is not beneath us. It’s work, and that’s a partner and a relationship you’re creating with someone that may lead to something else.”

In the article, Hunt also discusses his plan to diversify B3’s client roster. “We are going to focus on the VA. It’s what we do very well,” he said. “However, as we keep building our capabilities out and they’re better defined, now we have a story for other federal agencies.”

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