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B3 Group Collects Donations for West Virginia Flood Disasters

Leesburg, VA, July 1, 2016 – Due to devastating floods throughout central and southeastern West Virginia have killed at least 23 people and left thousands without power, homes or access to vital supplies. The flooding that occurred June 23, 2016, mostly impacting the state of West Virginia, approximately 3100 are now homeless living in tents, and countless more have been affected. In response, B3 Group started the Share the Cloth Drive to try and make a difference in these areas.

It has a personal significance for us as B3 Group employees,  particularly for our Capture Manager, Melinda Pitchford. As a native of West Virginia, both her middle school and high school were flooded and severely damaged. Melinda gathered two large SUVs full of supplies for donation from B3 Group’s Share the Cloth Drive, including cleaning supplies, pet food, shovels, mops, buckets. As the leader of the effort, she drove through rural parts of the state to reach out to those who needed aid the most. Most strikingly, she was able to personally witness the devastation and has stated that “photographs do not provide the true picture” of the flood results.

Brad Paisley and Jennifer Garner are also raising awareness and asking for donations for this effort, as both celebrities are natives of West Virginia. As West Virginia already suffered from low socioeconomic status prior to the devastation, many of these people have lost their entire life’s work and belongings. B3 hopes that our efforts and donations will make an impact with those who need it most.