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B3 Group Awarded Social Security (SSN) Reduction Tool Enhancement and Support Project

Leesburg, VA September 9, 2016 – B3 Group, Inc. is excited to announce its partnership with Myth Software to support the Social Security (SSN) Reduction Tool Enhancement and Support project for the Office of Information and Technology (OI&T) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). B3 Group will be working to modernize the application so that the technologies used are up-to-date, supported, and secure. This marks the first Task Order awarded to B3 off of its newly won Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Program Next Generation (T4NG) IDIQ.

In 2008, the SSN Reduction (SSNR) Tool was developed by Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and was acquired by Privacy Service for use enterprise-wide. B3 Group will be attempting to modernize the application, which is now rendered relatively obsolete. The tight integration of an application server with the application itself, the sophisticated Ant build scripts, and the use of XDoclet for code generation and configuration generation present a unique challenge in modernizing this application.

B3 will enhance and upgrade the existing SSNR Tool to meet TRM requirements and for long-term sustainability and use, security and legal compliance, and the eventual collection, reduction and/or elimination of the use of SSNs in databases wherever possible. On this effort, B3 and Myth team members will also provide user-support for VA officials utilizing the SSNR Tool.