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VA ETEMS Implementation Collaboration

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July 10, 2020 (Herndon, VA) – B3 Group Inc., in partnership with Booz Allen, Turning Point Global Solutions and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), has contributed to the implementation success of the VA enterprise Telecommunications Expense Management integrated platform/Solution (ETEMS) that standardizes ordering and delivery, streamlines invoices and payment processing, enforces corporate policies and provides customizable reporting and business analytics. In under one year of its 15-year contract, the team has prepared and successfully connected its AWS GovCloud instance to the VA network. The benefit to the VA will be the ability to standardize its ordering process using one template, one mind-set, one unified way of placing and executing orders.

“This is where we thrive in the area of IT transformation,” said Kevin Rice, COO. “Being able to collaborate with our vendors and the VA allowed us to improve on the initial solution and provide faster time to value services.”

ETEMS is the VA’s initiative within the GSA Enterprise Integrated Services (EIS) contract; a 15-year, $50B contract set to modernize IT services through managed services and software-defined networking. The comprehensive solution-based vehicle addresses all aspects of federal agency IT telecommunications and infrastructure requirements, allowing agencies to focus on missions. The VA spends approximately $260 million a year for telecom services. Within EIS, ETEMS is a critical component of the VA’s IT approach to maximizing the customer experience to its employees and veterans.

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